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You might assume that making your home energy efficient requires a lot of time and money, but generally that’s not the case. Often small fixes can have a big impact on your heating, cooling, and other utility bills.

Here are some easy things you can do to make your home more efficient right now.

Tip #1: Don’t turn that dial 

Keep your thermostat set at one temperature and leave it! In the winter around 68 degrees should be right,and 75 degrees in summer (in homes with a cooling system, of course). Avoiding constant adjustments will keep your energy bills stable. 

Tip #2: Stop the drip-drips 

Leaky shower heads and faucets are hard-to-miss energy wasters. Toilets that run can also cost you on your water bill. The majority of required repairs

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When Halloween is mentioned, we think of grinning jack-o-lanterns and little ghouls scouring their neighborhoods,  trick or treating.  Our children celebrate this ghost time with darling costumes and fantasies of Fairies, Witches, Super Heroes and all kinds of FUN personal alternative personas. However, it wasn’t always about pumpkins and candy.  Halloween dates back to ancient times and was celebrated differently than the way we do today.

For example the Celts believed that on the night before the New Year, the boundary between the living and the dead became blurred. The Samhian on the night of October 31st, when the dead supposedly returned to walk the earth. Ghosts were thought to cause trouble and damage crops and enable the Druids and Celtic

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Eclectic designEclectic style is by definition a combination of styles. The aim is to design an environment with a great look, artistic taste, and a specific connective element which ties the look together as one piece of work.

I also have seen a commonly published definition of eclectic is blending 70% of one design style and 30% of another; or to combine elements or particular styles from different time periods and different origins within a single project. 

An “eclectic” room can be polished or rustic, masculine or feminine, stark in palette or swathed in color and pattern. Eclectic is sometimes thought as the word that describes an expression of the soul, and rightly so.

Pull out those sentimental pieces and mix in with those antiques and junk store finds.

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Being savvy to a frustrating trend in the home buyer’s market: the overwhelming need to replace all countertops with granite.

Why this happens is obvious: it’s pretty, and at the average price of $50 per square foot, it’s affordable.

It’s also the definitive middle-of-the-road choice. It’s PRETTY durable.

It’s REASONABLY easy to maintain. It’s DECENTLY customizable. It doesn’t have to be the catch-all choice for every home owner, however.

There are certain lesser known counter materials that are not only going to work better for the needs of some home owners, they’re going to look better in their surroundings.

Let’s take a look at some alternatives, and what they have to offer over the more popular granite choice.


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The phrase "like herding cats" has long been used to sarcastically describe the impossible, and for good reason. Cats are notoriously stubborn and free-willed creatures, and moving to a new home with them can often feel like the aforementioned “herding.” 

Any cat lover will tell you that they do what they want; the trick is to make them think “what they want” is possible in their new environment. Trying to move one or more cats to a new home is something just about any long time pet owner will have horror stories about. I personally have seen just about everything that can go wrong in relocating felines. That being said, I can offer up a few cautionary tales, and how to avoid similar

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Reclaimed Wood 

Reclaimed Wood

Just imagine what our time-aged wood has witnessed over the years. 

Decorating with reclaimed wood has become very popular over this past year. The look of natural material gives characteristics and can turn any type of furniture into a statement piece in your home or can totally transform the look and feel of any space in your home. The new trend with a cool twist on wallpaper or paint is creating a reclaimed wood accent wall in your home

You can use reclaimed wood pretty much anywhere and is the ultimate in recycling. You’re reusing material from trees that were cut down ages ago and saving it from ending up in the burn pile. 

Aged wood looks good in many variations here are some variations on how to use it:


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 Choose A Home

Some lenders may offer a pre-approval, but others require that you have a specific home chosen before they will discuss loan options. 

Therefore, the first step to obtaining a home loan is to first select a home. 

Some sellers may require you to provide an earnest money deposit, which secures the home while you obtain financing and have the necessary inspections completed in order to finalize the purchase.

Check Your Credit

Before you even think about applying for a mortgage, it's important to know where you stand from the lender's point of view.

Checking your credit report is a good idea for many reasons, but it's an essential step in your journey toward buying a home.

Every 12 months, you can request a free copy of

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A real estate agent is vital to the home buying process and can provide a variety of services in locating a property, negotiating the sale, and advising the buyer.

A real estate agent is generally not qualified to discover defects or evaluate the physical condition of property: however, a real estate agent can assist a buyer in finding qualified inspectors and provide the buyer with documents and other resources containing vital information about a prospective new home.

The advisory is designed to make a buyer’s home purchase as smooth as possible. Some of the more common issues that a buyer may decide to investigate or verify concerning a home purchase are summarized in this Advisory.

1. Common documents a buyer should review

2. Physical

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People connect with plants; it’s in our nature, if you will to do so. The vast array of colors, shapes, and textures found in a multitude of plant varieties, from all over the world has recently been introduced into architectural designs. 

Previously more common in commercial buildings, Living Walls are rapidly emerging into residential projects. Today, this fabulous new trend has proven its ability to kick some ‘life’ into your home. 

With benefits varying from energy saving and improved indoor air quality to increased health and wellness. Living Walls present a distinctive way to show your green side. 

Over 30 years ago, French artist and botanist Patrick Blanc created the very first vertical garden, and the world has since seen many of these

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Are You Ready For Home Ownership?           

Owning a home may be your dream, but in order for the purchase to be the happy and satisfying experience it was meant to be, you need to ensure that you are financially and mentally prepared for the responsibilities that come with it. 

As a first-time home buyer in Fayetteville NC or for that matter anywhere, there’s a whole lot to learn. This is likely the biggest investment you’ve ever made – and the more you know, the better your decisions will be. So grab a glass of wine, sit back, and prepare to learn how to buy a new home. 

Some people have a notion that home ownership is like renting, but with the power to have pets and paint the walls whatever color you like. However, while these privileges

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